DAT/DDS Media Products

  • DAT 320 (MR-D7MQN-01)
  • DAT 320 Cleaning (MR-D7CQN-01) - for use with DAT 320 drives
  • DAT 160 (MR-D6MQN-01)
  • DDS/DAT Cleaning II (MR-D6CQN-01) - for use with DAT 160 drives
  • DAT 72 (CDM72)
  • DDS-4 (CDM40)
  • DDS-3 (CDM24)
  • DDS Cleaning (CDMCL) - for use with DAT 72, DDS-4 and DDS-3 drives


Quantum's DAT and DDS cartridges have MRS (Media Recognition System) to inform the drive that this medium is certified for the DAT/DDS system. Quantum's data cartridges have an extremely smooth base film giving the magnetic layer a mirror finish to reduce the spacing loss that causes errors. Thanks to their outstanding static resistance, these data cartridges prevent dust accumulation, maintaining their exceptionally low error rate over an extended working life. With capacity of up to 320GB, these easy-to handle compact cartridges provide cost-efficient backup and long-term archiving options, making it an ideal choice for your specific backup and archive applications.

* Assumes 2:1 compression