DLTtape Media

DLTtape Media

DLTtape Media Products

  • SDLT I (MR-SAMCL-01)
  • SDLT II (MR-S2MQN-01)
  • DLT-S4 (MR-S4MQN-01)
  • DLTtape III (THXKC-01)
  • DLTtape IIIxt (THXKE-01)
  • DLTtape IV (THXKD-01)
  • DLTtape VS1 (MR-V1MQN-01)
  • VS160/DLT-V4 Cleaning ( MR-V1CQN-01)
  • CleaningTape III for DLT 2000, DLT 2000XT, DLT 4000, DLT 7000 and DLT 8000 (THXHC-02)
  • DLT VS Cleaning for DLT VS80 (BHXHC-02)
  • SDLT Cleaning for SDLT 220, SDLT 320, SDLT 600 and DLT-S4 (MR-SACCL-01)


DLT® Technology is one of the most successful technology platforms ever built. With over 2 million drives and over 100 million media cartridges shipped to date, DLT technology is recognized worldwide as the industry standard, deployed by 98% of FORTUNE 500® businesses, assuring reliable, high-performance tape storage solutions and long-term investment protection.

Quantum DLTtape media is the brand to trust with your mission critical data. Tested to exacting standards for reliability, durability and longevity. Quantum offers the broadest line of DLTtape media ranging from 20GB* to 1600GB* making it the brand that you can count on to protect your companies' most critical information assets.