Quantum Media

Go Beyond Industry Standards

When it comes to protecting your data, nothing is more important.

Quantum media development is among the most stringent in the industry. Derived from our DLT heritage, it combines the high design and qualification standards of Quantum with those of our customers.

As a member of the LTO Consortium, Quantum is committed to the ongoing development and refinement of the LTO standard, continuously striving to achieve top performance and innovation in current and future LTO hardware and media products. In addition to our own comprehensive testing regimen that includes field testing our media in our own line of stand-alone drives and automated tape libraries, Quantum also qualifies our products for use in hardware from other industry solutions and consortium members. This ensures cross-platform compatibility, optimal performance, and reliability, whether you're using a Quantum tape drive or library, or LTO hardware from another manufacturer.

Using Quantum media in your tape drive or library ensures the high performance, reliability, and support you've come to expect over the past 30 years

  • LTO Ultrium Media is optimized for high capacity and performance with outstanding reliability in either stand-alone or automated environments with compressed capacities of up to 6.25TB.
  • DLTtape Media meets the needs of today's high-capacity environments and tiered storage architectures with compressed capacities of up to 1.6 TB.
  • DAT/DDS tape drives are easy-to-handle compact media cartridges that provide cost-efficient backup and long-term archiving options, an ideal choice for your specific backup and archive applications with compressed capacities of up to 320 GB.
  • Travan offers cost-effective storage for small business, home, or mobile backup with compressed capacities of up to 40 GB